Unga Klara is a Swedish Theatre visiting Houston during the first two weeks of November, 2019. Unga Klara was invited by Alley Theatre and their Director Rob Melrose and the program was a collaboration between Unga Klara and Alley Theatre.

During the performance.

This is a unique theatre approach which is concentrating on youth and their issues in life.

The group has performed at Middle Schools in the Houston area since the idea is for the theatre to attract the younger audience.

Also, there were workshops for the teachers on connection with their visit to Houston.

The entire program was a big success.

In the middle Rob Melrose, Artistic Director at Alley theatre. Together with the Unga Klara and the team from Alley Theatre
Parvin Hoseinia Davan, Stefan Hansen, Astrid Marklund and Yarien Rodriguez
Stefan Hansen (CEO of Unga Klara), Parvin Hosienia Davan (Actor) and Yarien Rodriguez  (Actor)