Regain Your Swedish Citizenship

During the Spring of 2015, a law was passed allowing one to regain their Swedish citizenship. This applies to Swedes who gave up their Swedish citizenship in order to become a citizen of another country.  Click HERE for more information on how to regain your citizenship. You will send your request directly to the Swedish Migration Board. You […]

Stockholm Safest City in Europe

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, has been rated 2015’s safest city in Europe according to The Economist. This report is based on an index of more than 40 factors that can be categorized into four different themes: digital security, health security, infrastructure safety, and personal safety. Stockholm was chosen because of its low crime rates, high digital […]

Temporary Guardianship

Detta är ett dokument som vi har tagit fram för att försäkra föräldrarnas önskan i det fall en olycka skulle inträffa. Dokumentet är helt frivilligt att fylla i och gäller endast för icke amerikanska medborgare som vistas i Texas.     Konsulatet kommer att förvara dokumentet i en file så länge föräldrarna önskar. Informationen i dokumentet […]

Swedish Language Education

Christian Benjaminsson, and Göran Holm created Svenska Distans to help children up to the age of 13 years old learn the Swedish language. Each with over a decade of experience, the two bring a strong passion and interest to the curriculum they have created. Their focus is to replicate the educational experience provided to those learning Swedish […]

New drug boosts immune system against world’s deadliest infectious diseases

NEW DRUG BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM AGAINST WORLD’S DEADLIEST INFECTIOUS DISEASES Magnus Höök, Ph.D., director of the Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases at the TAMHSC Institute of Biosciences and Technology, has discovered a new lung protective therapy that could alter our susceptibility to a number of deadly epidemics. (Credit: Texas A&M Health Science Center ) […]