About Sweden

  • Renewable sources account for 54% of the Swedish energy use.
  • 10 million people live in Sweden.
  • Around 400 000 moose live in the Swedish woods.
  • Sweden was the first country in the world to introduce standardized time.
  • Swedish parents get 480 days of parental leave.
  • 20% of Swedish export is music.
  • Sweden legalized homosexual relations in 1944. 
  • There are 95 700 lakes in Sweden.
  • The Swedish monarchy is one of the oldest in the world.Sweden is the first country in the world with its own phone number.   Call here!

National Parks

Photo by Marie Leander

In 1910 Sweden became the first European country to establish national parks, mainly in the mountainous northern districts. The action helped save part of ­Europe’s last wilderness from exploitation. Numerous nature reserves and cultural heritage areas have since been established across the country. Today 2/3 of the total country’s land area is covered by forests. 

Under the amazing Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten), anyone is entitled to hike through forests and fields and pick berries and mushrooms, without asking the landowner’s permission. This right also carries with it an obligation to respect the natural environment and private property.


More than 99 percent of all household waste is recycled in Sweden. Recycling stations are as a rule no more than 300 meters from any residential area. Most Swedes separate all recyclable waste in their homes and deposit it in special containers or drop it off at a recycling station. Few other nations deposit less trash in dumps. Sweden even imports trash from other countries and make a lot of money from it. Perfection may never happen but even better would be if less waste was generated. Steps are being taken to encourage producers to make products that last longer. 

Swedens Contribution to the World

Sweden has the most digitally connected economy in the world, and its forward-thinking culture has created many world famous innovations. Here are some of them:

Spotify, Minecraft, Skype, Bluetooth, computer mouse, GPS, flat screen monitors, pacemaker, local anesthetic, polio vaccine, seat belt, ultrasound, zipper, propeller, safety match, blow torch, wrench, dynamite…