On October 9, 2019 ABB opened their first Laboratory Robotics Center at the Texas medical Center (TMC) in Houston

Panel Discussion James Versalovic, Texas Children’s Hospital, Sami Atiya, CEO of ABB, Dr. William Cohen, VP Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Bill McKoen, CEO of Texas Medical Center
John Bernard, Hon. Consul Switzerland, Sami Atiya, CEO of ABB, Researcher from Karolinska Institute, Astrid Marklund, Hon. Consul Sweden, Marc Segura, Global Head of Robotics, ABB

On the TMC campus, ABB’s team will collaborate with medical staff, scientists and customers from the healthcare industry on the research and innovation of non-surgical medical robotics systems. This will include logistics and next-generation automated laboratory technologies, extending also to patient care. The team’s research will contribute to eliminating bottlenecks in laboratory work and addressing the global shortage of skilled medical and hospital staff. ABB sees significant potential in combining TMC’s research excellence with ABB’s comprehensive portfolio of automation solutions and working together toward enhancing speed, safety and consistency in laboratories and hospitals around the world.