Temporary Guardianship

Detta är ett dokument som vi har tagit fram för att försäkra föräldrarnas önskan i det fall en olycka skulle inträffa.

Dokumentet är helt frivilligt att fylla i och gäller endast för icke amerikanska medborgare som vistas i Texas.    

Konsulatet kommer att förvara dokumentet i en file så länge föräldrarna önskar.

Informationen i dokumentet kommer att användas av konsulatet i det fall vi blir kontaktade av amerikanska myndigheter efter en olycka.  

Detta dokument kan betraktas som ogiltigt av amerikanska myndigheter eftersom Texas inte har något som kallas “Temporary Guardianship” men oftast bifalles föräldrarnas önskan.   

Kontakta gärna konsulatet om ni har några frågor.

Temporary Guardianship

Swedish Language Education

Christian Benjaminsson, and Göran Holm created Svenska Distans to help children up to the age of 13 years old learn the Swedish language. Each with over a decade of experience, the two bring a strong passion and interest to the curriculum they have created. Their focus is to replicate the educational experience provided to those learning Swedish while growing up in Sweden through online courses, textbooks, and additional at home practice (1-2 hours a week). The courses require computer access, and assume the child has a Swedish-speaking adult in their vicinity.

More information can be found at svenskadistans.se

Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund

As a tribute to the United States Bicentennial, the Swedish Bicentennial Fund was established by an Act of the Swedish Parliament in 1976, and began giving out grants to Americans and Swedes in 1978.

The purpose of the Fund is to provide the opportunity for citizens or permanent residents of the United States to make a two to four week study trip to Sweden.

For more information, visit the links below:

Application Form

Program Info

The application deadline for those interested in study visits to Sweden from March to December 2016 is 15 November 2015.


Group aimed to gather insight and knowledge to bring back to their communities
Post Date:May 18, 2015 3:54 p.m.
The City of Pearland welcomed a delegation from Sweden on Thursday, May 14 at the Pearland City Hall to gather insight and knowledge that can be brought back to their communities to positively affect change. The program is through PriceWaterhouseCoopers, a global consulting firm, which had a year-long leadership development program for the participants which culminated in the trip to Pearland. From the hospitality here in Texas, they traveled to Edmonton, Canada for a similar three day visit before returning to apply what they discovered in North America to each of their communities.

The group of 14 visitors hailed from 12 different cities/municipalities throughout Sweden. Their roles also varied; there were 2 City Managers and a host of others who worked in culture & leisure, city planning and school/education.

While visiting, the delegation toured a number of Pearland City facilities including City Hall and the Pearland Independent School District and spent time touring the Texas Medical Center and the Greater Houston Partnership. The visit provided an opportunity for knowledge-sharing and growth opportunities for the participants and Pearland City staff who served as hosts.




New drug boosts immune system against world’s deadliest infectious diseases


Magnus Höök, Ph.D., director of the Center for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases at the TAMHSC Institute of Biosciences and Technology, has discovered a new lung protective therapy that could alter our susceptibility to a number of deadly epidemics.
(Credit: Texas A&M Health Science Center )

By Texas Medical Center | Texas A&M Health Science Center | August 25, 2014

Researchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMHSC) and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have developed a new therapy to stimulate the body’s natural immune system, thereby providing effective protection against a wide range of life-threatening infectious diseases. The drug, PUL-042, recently entered human clinical trials through Houston-based biotechnology company Pulmotect, Inc.

“The lungs are the point of entry for many viruses and bacteria. We hypothesized that activating the innate immune defense of the lungs might provide effective protection against a wide range of deadly pathogens,” said Magnus Höök, Ph.D., regents and distinguished professor at the TAMHSC Institute for Biosciences and Technology, and co-founder of Pulmotect, Inc. “Based on our theory, we created a drug that stimulates the innate immune system, leading to rapid protection against many deadly lung infections.”

Originally designed to prevent and treat respiratory infections, PUL-042 is an inhaled substance that offers intense, short-term protection against bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens by protecting the lungs against infectious diseases. Initially, the team focused efforts on prevention of pneumonia in cancer patients.

“Patients receiving chemotherapy are highly susceptible to life threatening respiratory infections, including pneumonia, while in their immune-compromised state,” Höök said. “PUL-042 holds promise to protect these patients from deadly infection during their most vulnerable period, allowing for significantly higher treatment success.”

Potential applications of the drug extend beyond cancer patients, reaching into the public and global health arenas. By bolstering the body’s first line of defense, PUL-042 shows promise in the areas of biodefense, as well as the prevention of seasonal and pandemic influenza and other respiratory infections, such as those commonly suffered by asthmatic patients.

PUL-042 remains effective in a patient’s system for three to four days and although short-lived, the protection is very broad with promising protective capabilities for a number of infections and pathogens that impact the health and safety of populations around the world.

The first human clinical trials are now underway, designed to assess the safety and tolerability of the inhalation solution. The next phase will include repeat dosing of the drug to expand protection and determine the efficacy in cancer patients. Depending on outcome of the trials, the drug could be available on the market in the next four to five years.

“A development seven years in the making, we are delighted to see the technology advancing into clinical trials, moving us one step closer toward our end goal: bringing this protective therapy to the market to save lives and address a critical unmet need worldwide,” Höök said. “Ultimately, this drug has the potential to alter our vulnerability to deadly epidemics and bioterror threats.”

Founded in 2007, Pulmotect’s technology is licensed by Texas A&M and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. In 2012, the company received a $7 million grant from the Cancer Prevention Institute of Texas as well as several Small Business Innovation Research Grants from the National Institutes of Health. Additionally, Pulmotect, Inc. received an investment award from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund in 2009.

— Holly Lambert Shive, Texas A&M 


Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund – Applications for 2014

Grant for Study or Research in Sweden

The Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund is now receiving applicants for grants to study in Sweden. This applies to US citizens or Permanent residents of the US.

Applications must reach the Swedish Institute by 15 November 2014 for a study visit in Sweden during the period 1 March-31 December 2015.

Bicentennial Swedish-American Exchange Fund 2015

For more information please see the attached or this link http://www.studyinsweden.se/Scholarships/SI-scholarships/The-Bicentennial-Swedish-American-Exchange-Fund/ .

The European Parliament Election information


For more information about the European Parliament Election please read the attached document about the election issues, the Swedish candidates and their political programs and how to vote from abroad.

Election information, click here.

(Ur Svenskar i världen/01/2014)


Due to The European Parliament Election the Consulate will be open

10.00am – 7.00pm     Wednesday, May  7, 2014

10.00am – 4.00pm   Sunday, May 11, 2014


Swedish Sweets & Imports Online store

Do you miss something from Sweden? Then look into Swedish Sweets & Imports online store, where you will find everything from Djungelvrål to Kavli Räkost!


The sisters Annika and Ann-Sofie has started the online company Swedish Sweets and Imports. They see it as their main goal to import Swedish products that is hard get and to find new products not yet available on the American market.




Annika & Ann-Sofie, San Diego, Tel: 619 – 365 – 5542

Princess Madeleine gave birth to a daughter on the 20th February 2014


Princess Leonore. Photo: Mr Christopher O’Neill/royalcourt.se


On Wednesday 26 February, a cabinet meeting was held at the Royal Palace to mark the birth of Princess Madeleine’s child.

At the cabinet meeting, The King informed the Government that the Princess will be named Leonore Lilian Maria, with the given name Leonore. The Princess was assigned the Duchy of Gotland.


Text: royalcourt.se